Toxic fears near HK water supply source

South China Morning Post(南華早報)

    A mainland battery manufacturer will investigate an alleged leak of toxic waste after excessive concentrations of heavy metals were found near a Huizhou factory and close to the source of Hong Kong's water supplies.

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Factory boss in standoff with rights protesters

10 Sept 2004, CARRIE CHAN
South China Morning Post

    Gold Peak Industries chairman and chief executive Victor Lo Chung-wing was forced into a standoff yesterday with about 30 labour and human rights representatives.  

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央视国际 (2004年08月11日 13:44)

记者:孙静婧 李政林
嘉宾:中国人民大学法学院副教授 黎建飞


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Protest over 'poisoning' of battery workers

South China Morning Post
2004-07-24, FELIX LO

A scuffle broke out yesterday when more than 40 representatives of labour and human rights groups stormed the headquarters of GP Batteries.
The protesters were railing against the company's alleged violation of workers' rights in Huizhou, Guangdong.

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2004年07月10日 11:11   来源: 广州日报

本报讯 (记者黎蘅)


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